Benedetta Skin Care

Benedetta, founded in 1996, is a fully botanical, farm-sourced, skincare company based in Petaluma, Calif. A perfect fit for The Market, each holistic formula is made in small batches focusing on certified organic and biodynamic ingredients, many California grown. The vibrancy of fresh, alive ingredients allows the skin to recognize and absorb nutrients, much like the same bioavailability of organic foods.  So Benedetta preparations truly are food for your skin. Benedetta is not a band-aid approach to skin, health and rejuvenation, but a holistic one. The results are corrective and continued.

The company’s vibrant preparations are made with botanical ingredients purchased from a global community of farmers, all with their own rich heritage and story – from the 10-year-old family crop of Bulgarian Roses to our local Northern California lavender to a certified fair trade Shea Butter.

Benedetta products never contain synthetic fragrances, fillers or coloring agents.  Each formula has the rich color and sweet smell nature intended.  Benedetta skincare is non-comedogenic (won’€™t clog pores) and highly concentrated so a little goes a long, long way.  Benedetta, which means ‘blessed’ in Italian, currently has one retail location in San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

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