Chocolate Opulence

Artisan, gourmet chocolates hand-made by the company’€™s French-trained chocolatier€“ star in Chocolate Opulence’s new location at The Market. Always made fresh in Los Angeles, these chocolates use natural ingredients only with no preservatives.

Chocolate Opulence is renowned for its beautifully painted, uniquely flavored chocolates, including Greek Kalamata Olive, Cucumber Vodka, Earl Grey, Mango Wasabi, Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Curried Kiwi and many more. Or choose from perennial favorites like Grand Marnier, Coffee, Mint Truffle, Lemon Mousse, Raspberry, Banana, Sea Salt Caramel and others.

The Maitre Chocolatier, Wahjung Park, studied in Paris at the noted Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Jean Ferrandi, and has worked with some the most esteemed chocolatiers in France, including Alain Furet. Christian Alexandre, her husband and co-owner, has a background in international finance and politics.

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