Gary Palmer Coffee Series

Being born in Northern Ireland, and graduating from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland with a Masters in Architecture, seems, in hindsight, to have been the perfectly unique stepping-off point for Gary Palmer’€™s artistic career.

Palmer first traveled the world as a street painter and, drawing inspiration from East African sojourns, transitioned from his horizontal cement pavement to more traditional, vertical canvases upon which he has been able to experiment with (and expose) nature’s fundamental elements.

Now living and working locally, in a studio near Gold’€™s Gym in Venice, The Groundwork Indie Garage is proud to present this series of works that was curated from our community, and originated with our favorite grind.

An extension of his earlier ‘€œCoffee Series’ of narrative works, Palmer’s latest pieces were painted specifically for this exhibition, measure approximately 16’€ x 20′ each, and are available for purchase by lovers of art and coffee.

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