Primi Al Mercato | The Market

The vision of esteemed local restaurateur Piero Selvaggio, the new Primi Al Mercato features both a retail side – Laboratorio di Pasta – as well as a casual trattoria highlighting unusual and creative pastas served in small plates with fresh sauces made from farmers market ingredients. Specialties of the day feature a broad range of Italy’s best, including bigoli from Venice and a pici from Florence or gnocchi made from bufala ricotta – all from scratch.

An exciting visual aspect is an on-site pasta maker, who creates fresh and unusual pastas for shoppers to take home or enjoy on the spot. “The Market at Santa Monica Place is a perfect setting for primi piatti,” said Selvaggio, one of the true stars of Santa Monica’s culinary scene. “I’ve long known that the Westside appreciates excellent, authentic Italian food and this new way to enjoy it – casually, right where you shop or to take home with you – fits with how my customers think about food now.”

Primi includes multiple Italian food experiences, including a wine bar with accessibly priced Italian, California and South American offerings.  The wines, available by the glass or carafe, can be paired with specialty cheeses or salumi from New York’s noted Salumeria Rosi.

Primi Al Mercato is Selvaggio’s latest concept. His Valentino Restaurant Group operates the acclaimed Valentino restaurants in Santa Monica, Las Vegas and Houston.

The dual restaurant and retail experience of PRIMI AL MERCATO, with its LABORATORIO DI PASTA, invites patrons to enjoy delectable, first course (primi) small plate dishes in the casual atmosphere of the pub-style dining area.  You may also visit the Laboratorio di Pasta for a visual presentation of the Artisanal craft and a full understanding of this miracle food. Showcasing the most unusual pasta with many colorful and fun shapes, Laboratorio di Pasta offers a visual feast!

The brainchild of Restauranteur Piero Selvaggio, PRIMI AL MERCATO satisfies your need for fun Italian dining. The restaurant features antipasto creations, hand-made pastas, the most traditional Italian desserts and an exclusive list of Artisanal wine selections. All of the featured pastas, including sauces, condiments and spices, are offered for purchase in our LABORATORIO DI PASTA.

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