Tips On Improving Design For Your Trade Show Exhibits In Anaheim

The Benefits of Portable Exhibition Displays 

Ensure you next trade convention is a success by bringing your very own portable trade convention display screen. Using onsite setups or trying to “create” your own display can be disastrous. 

A trade convention represents an outstanding opportunity to provide your company and its items to an audience looking for new ideas and innovation in a specific field. And even if you are not participating in a conventional “exhibition” but something more like a product display or supplier display, it is important that your discussion is professional and appealing so you can bring in potential customers. 

Trade show exhibits design Anaheim are a good choice for exhibitors who take a trip to programs, bring a small sales force and want an affordable method to show their business and item info. Below are some of the benefits of utilizing portable screens: 

Portable trade program displays can be affordably shipped via UPS or FedEx. Many exhibitors deliver their trade program display and all the demonstration items, sales literature and computers ahead of time to make the trip less problem. And you can even bring a portable display with you on an aircraft if you are concerned about it getting lost in transit. 

A portable display normally suits one or two shipping cases. We’re not talking huge shipping cages however portable shipping cases that aren’t extremely heavy or awkwardly formed. Most shipping cases have wheels and can be quickly wheeled into the trade show place.

If you bring the display with you, no drayage charges. Usually the trade show venue will charge a drayage charge for keeping the screen up until it is set up if your trade show display screen is shipped. Depending on how big your exhibition booth is, the drayage charges can be hundreds of dollars. With a portable screen you can bring it with you foregoing the need for the place to store it.

Set up and breakdown of a portable trade program display screen is fast and simple. A portable trade show display only takes one person and 15 minutes to set up or breakdown, conserving you time and loan. 

Portable display screens are everything about convenience. They are easy to transport and to set up and breakdown. When you start planning your next trade program cubicle, think about a portable trade show display screen. 

Portable trade program display screens can be affordably delivered via UPS or FedEx. If your trade show display is delivered, generally the trade program location will charge a drayage fee for storing the screen up until it is set up. Set up and breakdown of a portable trade program display screen is easy and fast. A portable trade program display just takes one individual and 15 minutes to set up or breakdown, saving you time and cash. Think about a portable trade reveal display when you begin preparing your next trade show booth. If you want to learn more, visit