Venokado Wine and Gifts | The Market

The Market is the second location of this hip and eclectic wine shop in West Hollywood that marries intriguing vintages with hard-to-find, beautifully packaged gifts. The store’s locally famous “clutch gifts” artfully pair bottles with color-coordinated gift items – from rare art books and witty housewares to organic baby toys.  A tasting room adds to the experiential flavor of this concept at The Market.

At Venokado, according to 944 Magazine, “…Wine buffs should be ‘tickled Rosé’ by the selection of boutique bottles on offer, carefully selected by Susan Brink, wine director at Dominick’s and Little Dom’s.  Her partners in the business, Tracy Hof and Brink’s sister, Molly, have assembled a witty collection of well-designed gift items, along with serious eye-candy books from cult publisher Assouline.  The real kicker is a range of infant fashion that would make any Spaulding Square hipster mom flush with onesie pride.  Venokado also will box and deliver gifts to friends or corporate clients, and if given a budget, they’ll assemble a gift selection for a fair price that will make anyone look like a tastemaker.”

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