Visitor Info & Parking

Most purveyors of The Market are open a minimum of 10AM-9PM Monday through Saturday and 11AM-8PM on Sunday. However, some purveyors’ hours may vary, so it’s best to check the hours of specific purveyors prior to your visit.

Parking is easy and convenient for The Market.  Parking is available in the City of Santa Monica’€™s eight public parking structures, including Structure 7 and Structure 8, which are immediately adjacent to Santa Monica Place.  Both are equipped with a brand-new, highly visible green- and red-light parking guidance system that indicates exactly which parking spaces are available.

There are two structures that are connected to Santa Monica Place and two specific locations that feed directly into level 3, where The Market is located.  We want to fill you in on a little secret to get you in and out in no time!

Structure 7 is located on 4th and Broadway.  Park on level 4 and walk directly into Level 3 of Santa Monica Place where The Market is located or take the sky bridge directly into The Market.

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